ojo de isla

Our Story

Sometimes, we just need to disconnect from our daily routine. That’s why we embarked on a trip to the island of Ibiza, a secluded place that would allow us to open ourselves up to the experience of something different. Surrounded by the relaxed Mediterranean atmosphere, we connected with people who shared that same energy while sipping mezcal during a magical sunset. This connection inspired us to create Ojo de Isla, an artisanal mezcal from Mexico that conveys that same spirituality and philosophy.

“Disconnect to reconnect.”

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Crafted in Mexico.
Inspired by the Mediterranean.

A unique mezcal

fermented and distilled exclusively with spring water in the hearth of the Oaxaca mountains.


A sensory experience born from contemplating the magical sunset on the island of Ibiza (discover more →)

Magic and tradition

Made strictly under the traditional process that members of the Martinez Perez family of Santa Maria Albarradas, Oaxaca have maintained for four generations (discover more →)


The agaves grow and mature naturally on mountain slopes, at over 1700 meters above sea level, where the soil is composed of a mixture of red, gray and black clay along with a unique microclimate that nurtures their growth. This organic process creates the perfect concentration of natural nectars and minerals that give our mezcal characteristics of elegance, balance and depth (discover more →)


Santa María Albarradas is a magical Zapotec village in the heart of the Oaxaca mountains in Mexico. The Mezcal here honors its people and traditions, its culture and its spirit through a totally artisanal process of cultivation and production. (discover more →)


We support and invest in the workers and the community of Santa Maria Albarradas, Oaxaca. We treat the land with respect and care, always maintaining a balance in every harvest. (discover more →)

Our mezcal

The outcome is a silky mezcal with notes of fresh herbs, characterized by a unique effect of softness, warmth and roundness in the mouth that makes it special. Its fresh and slightly smoky notes combined with its alcohol content at 43% make it an elegantly balanced mezcal (discover more →)


¡Hola, mundo!

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